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Invite Chill Chat Bot to your server and enjoy its one-on-one, group chat and useful commands. Chill out with new friends now! Discord Bot.

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Chill Chat Discord Bot Described:

Chatting with strangers in incognito mode. One-on-one, group chat and a lot of useful commands. Get bot and chill out with new friends now!
Chill Chat | Chatting with strangers in incognito mode | Discord Bot

Wanna chat with someone you’ve never known without showing who you are? Tell your story secretly and make new friends?

This chill bot is all you need!

With one-on-one and group chats and much more useful commands, Chill Chat will bring you lots of fun.


Conditional matching is coming soon


ccstart - start finding one-on-one chat

ccstart g - start finding group chat (up to 5 members)

ccstop - stop finding


ccend - leave a conversation, be careful, this can’t be undone


By default, attaments will be disabled to protect users from spamming NSFW images, videos.

ccat enable - create request to allow attachments. To pass this request, more than a half of members have to confirm accept

ccat disable - deny attachments for the conversation. This always work!


Only works for group chat

ccnn [new nickname] - change your nickname

Show up

Wanna reveal yourself? This command send your ID to a specific user in conversation

If you two have no common servers, just join and meet each other at Chillchat Server

ccsu - (without arguments) for one-on-one chat

ccsu [target user's nickname] - for group chat


cchelp - show commands list

ccinfo - show conversation information

Bad experiments? Don’t be hesitate!

ccbl - block the last user, avoid rematch (Only for one-on-one chat)

ccrp - report the last conversation


If you need any supports, join our Chillchat Server

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Chill Chat Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Chill Chat to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Chill Chat Discord Bot' on this page.

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