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Created by: Kogeki#7981
Short link: discord.ly/chizuru
A bot for communities to manage and have fun on discord.

This bot features many community server related things such as leveling system with roles up to level 50 (5;10;20;30;40;50), a premade welcome message and a defaultrole that can be set to be assigned to new users on join. Of course, all of those can be custom enabled and disabled. Default for everything is disabled. The bot features images commands such as gif which sends you either a random gif or a particular one you searched for, uwu which sends an image of a kawaii anime girl into the channel, milgirls which sends images of military anime girls, wp for anime wallpapers and render for anime renders with alpha background. Furthermore there are a couple of fun things like insult, with which you can insult people, praise with which you can praise somebody or 8ball where you can ask the bot a yes/no question. A sidefact for beatboxers, there are 3 commands for newbie beatboxers that can be used. pattern, sends 1 out of 10 patterns into the text channel. randomsound, which sends a name of random sound which is commonly known in the beatbox community and the basics command, which roughly explains the very simplified basics of beatboxing.