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Clyde is the Official Discord Bot,made by the Discord Staff. It is a worldwide information giving Discord Bot,is an excellent Discord guide.
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Command Description
\create server To create or design a server, use this command.(Only serverOwners can execute this command)
\whois <userID> Get info about any user in discord by replacing with the desired user’s ID.
\help Gives a list of commands of the bot
\invite invite Clyde to your Discord!
\bug Get info about bugs
\check dm <userID> Get info about any user’s DM enability in discord by replacing with the desired user’s ID.
\botinfo <userID> Get info about any bot in discord by replacing <userID> with the desired bot’s ID.
\roleinfo <mention the role> Get info about a role in your discord server by replacing with the mentioned role.
\sticker Get info about Discord Stickers
\roll <1-10> Clyde rolls the dice and gives you a random number. You need to replace <1-10$gt; with a smaller number-a greater number.
\support need help? join now!
More Commands Clyde has many more hidden commands and features
Type \help to get a list of his commands.

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