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A webcomic-sending bot to fulfill all your webcomic needs.
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Comic Bot | A Discord webcomic-sending bot

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At its core, Comic Bot acts as the comic section of a newspaper. You can subscribe to webcomics, and whenever a new webcomic is posted on a subscribed site it will be automatically sent to a specified channel.

Supported webcomics

Getting started

Using the bot is simple. By default the bot uses , as its prefix. After inviting the bot to your server, set the channel which you want the webcomics sent to using the settings channel #chan command. You must tag the channel (the #chan must become a link). For instance, if you wanted comics to be sent to a channel called comics you would write ,settings channel #chan. Then simply subscribe to webcomic(s) using the subscribe id command. IDs for supported webcomics can be found here. To unsubscribe from a comic, simply use unsubscribe id.


  • settings lists all settings for the current server.
  • settings prefix [newprefix] used to check/set the prefix used to control the bot.
  • settings channel [#newchannel] used to check/set the channel that webcomics are sent to.
  • subscribe id used to subscribe to a webcomic. IDs can be found here.
  • unsubscribe id used to unsubscribe to a webcomic. IDs can be found here.

Made with love in Australia by ItsDuckyyyy.

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