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Creamy makes your server more interactive. Economy | Animated Profiles | MiniGames | Starboard | Fishing | Welcome | Reaction Roles | Auto Roles | Join Roles | Anti Raid | Gifs

Creamy (u.help)

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Promote server interaction and moderate effectively.

Creamy provides a suite of moderation tools, including an auto-moderating spam tool with warnings and punishments, an automatic Discord invite blocker, and more! Creamy also provides some fun commands, an economy with minigames, and utilities.

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Creamy Examples
Creamy Examples
Creamy Examples

Creamy Help Menu

Role functionality

  • Reaction roles (self roles)
  • Auto roles (roles given on EXP earned)
  • Join roles (roles automatically given on join)


  • Global currency (🍫)
  • Daily free chocolates
  • Custom, pretty, and clear user profile cards
  • Anime and entertainment-related backgrounds
  • Global experience
  • Local (guild) experience


  • Fishing commands
  • Gambling commands
  • Waifu command (claim your own!)


  • Dice rolls for TRPGs
  • Coinflip


  • Hug, kiss, pet gifs!


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • ??? (more coming soon)

And more miscellaneous fun/utility commands!