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Do you need a bot for- refreshing, a server😅? Use the Death Star!
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Some people may consider this a nuke bot. That is not not what I intend this for😅, even though it may be used for that purpose. I am in no way liable for any damages caused by this bot.

This bot has a few commands. Here is a rundown of what they are; “!alert ‘message’ ‘how many seconds’” This command will send a message of your choice to all channels. It will continue sending it for a certain amount of time.

“!nuke” (even though it’s a command it’s not what it looks like) This command will delete all channels in the server.

“!spam ‘number of channels’ ‘channel name’” This command will make the specifified number of channels with the specified name.

“!ban ‘target’” This command will ban a specific member. If you don’t specify a member it will ban everyone below its rank.

“!kick ‘target’” The clone of !ban but instead kicks the member.

“!droles” This command will delete all roles.

“!sroles ‘number of roles’ ‘role name’” This command will make the specified number of roles with the specified name.

My personal recommendation:


!spam 300 insert name

wait 15 seconds

(spam) !alert @everyone 60000000

(when your finished)



I am not making any monetary profits from this bot. Join the support server if you need any help or have any questions.

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