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Prefix: db!
Created by: Drahgoone#4477
Short link: discord.ly/debate
An advanced debate bot that will structure debates between people, and allow for the servers members to vote upon finished debates.
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For a debate to begin, a debate must first be proposed. This is done with db!ProposeDebate (debate topic)

Once a debate has been proposed, anyone on the server may accept the debate, and it will begin.

The users will then be able to give an Introduction, First Argument, Second Argument, Third Argument and a Concluding Argument. This is all done through the discord bot, with each debater taking turns.

Once the two debaters have finished the debate, A transcript of the full debate will be posted in the set “voting” channel. Here fellow users will be able to read the entire debate, and then vote on who they think won the debate.