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Created by: Xerotic#1234
Short link: discord.ly/diamondbot
Moderation,Economy,Antilink,fun and much more! Invite now!


This bot has over 220 commands!
This bot has meme commands, economic commands, Mathematics commands and utility commands
This bot can also set up your server!


This bot has very powerful moderation commands to help you protect your server from raiders or just for muting people who annoy you
The moderation commands are well built and always ready to use.


We also have great economy commands to help you have fun while moderating the server!
Although if you do not like economic commands then we’ve still got you.


The bot has fun commands and jokes and stuff
This bot will make you Happy.


We also have troll COMMANDS!
Troll your friends with our awesome troll commands

Ticket Commands!?

We have advanced ticket commands that you can disable
or enable.You can create a ticket by using new and close
by using close.
You can change the settings like setTickets yes which
will allow people to create a ticket or
do setTickets no to make that people
cannot create tickets.

Welcome And Leave commands!?

The bot has welcome commands and leave commands to shape up your server!

❗AntiLink commands!❗

The bot has anti link commands to prevent people from advertising in your server!

?Setup commands?

The bot has setup commands that create categories
, Channels and arranges them well.

⭐Verification Commands⭐

The bot bas verification commands to protect your server from raids or bots that spam!

➕Math Commands➕

The bot has mathematic commands to help you with homework or just basic calculating.

The bot is protecting over 300 servers!

Invite now!
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