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Doggo Bot

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A multi-purpose bot with moderation, economy, some fun commands, and much more!

Doggo Bot Offers:

Easier Server Managing!

Managing your server from trolls can be tough to do yourself, with Doggo Bot, your server is now easier to control thanks to the moderation commands!

Great Economy!

Doggo Bot offers a great scale of unique economy commands with all sorts of ways to get, sell, or farm crops to get money to buy items that could be worth millions one day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the economy unique?

We offer TONS of ways to earn money on Doggo Bot, you can farm crops for money, gamble your money, rob people for money, and so much more!

How is the moderation different from any other?

Most of the commands are basic moderation commands, but some can be used to make threads, softban people, set a slowmode for a channel, and many more.

Why is Doggo Bot offline at times?

Most of the time it is because we are updating the bot, the bot shouldn’t be down for a long time as updates are mostly bug fixes and improvements.

What language was this coded with?

Doggo Bot is coded with Java and runs off discord.js 13.