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Invite Doraemon Bot to your server and enjoy its multipurpose commands like Moderation, Fun, Playing Music and more. Discord Bot.

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Doraemon Discord Bot Described:

A multipurpose Discord Bot that has the commands commonly used on every server, like Moderation, Fun, Playing Music and much more.

A multipurpose Discord Bot that has the commands commonly used on every server, like Moderation, Fun and much more.

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Bot Commands


-about - To know about the bot.
-ping - Check the bot’s latency.
-github - Github Repo.
-stats - Check the bot’s stats.
-invite - Get the invite link for the bot.


-8ball <your question> - Play magic 8 Ball and get the answers to all your questions.
-meme - Get a random meme from reddit.
-gif <query> - Get a random GIF from tanor on the specified query.
-reddit <subreddit>|<query> - Search for posts in the specified subreddit.


-hug <user>
-pat <user>


-clear <amount of messages> - Clears the specified no. of messages.(default=1)
-kick <member> <reason> - Kicks a member out of the server.
-ban <member> <reason> - Bans a member in the server.
-unban <member> - Unbans the member in the server.
-count - Count of messages in a channel.
-info - General Info of a member.
-serverinfo - General Info of the Server


-lmgtfy <question> - Returns a link.
-poll <title>|<description>|<option 1>|<option 2>|<option n> - Create polls on strawpolls right in discord.

Coming Soon

  • Web Dashboard
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Doraemon Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Doraemon to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Doraemon Discord Bot' on this page.

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