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Global currency with unique commands. Trade with others, get jibs and bump your server!
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Hello I am | Drago your personal helper and companion in the Discord area
With me you have the following features directly on your Discord:
| Music Bot | play Music | search Music
| Level System | own Profile | no Server spam
| Global Currency | own Blockchain | free mining
| Moderation | !kik, !ban | Permissions need

Your users can easily and easily trade their currencies with each other and challenge each other in mini-games
| TicTacToe | unique & structured
| Snake | Singleplayer only
| Rock Paper scissor| Play against Friends
| ConnectFour| Play against Friends

Your moderators can easily kick or ban users with me, but !help will also help you a little more

All in all, I am a very good addition to your server to offer your members a little more uniqueness in everyday life

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