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EB is a discord bot I’ve spent the majority of my free time working on. It’s made to be as simple as possible to use and understand. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Custom guild prefix
  • Custom embed colors
  • Easy to use configuration
  • Dynamic help command

Advanced Moderation

EB has features for you to view, remove, and give punishments, as well as view a users past history on your server! With EB you can:

  • Warn, kick, or ban members with reasoning
  • Look at a users history or past punishments
  • Remove old punishments from a users record
  • More coming soon!

EB also has a ton of new commands being added daily! Have a suggestion? Feel free to ask!

We have three categories for commands currently:


This category consists of several commands to give you pictures from reddit, or just pictures of animals!


This category consists of moderation commands, such as warn, kick, ban, and other important tools.


This category consists of commands that don’t exactly fit the others- a little bit of everything!


Our help command is made to help out with every command possible! On top of showing off our collection of commands, you can also get information about a command by including it when you use the help command Example: .help dog

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.