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This bot has many features and is consistently being worked on! If the bot is ever down, remember to join the support server, and DM Ananyomoos!
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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-help | Sends the command author a list of all commands for the bot
-ticketsetup | Set’s up bot’s ticket system
-new | Creates a new ticket, adding the command author, and the support team into a custom created channel
-delete | Deletes the current ticket the command author is in
-cf | Flips a coin
-hug | Hugs the mentioned user
-kiss | Kissess the mentioned user
-changemymind | Creates a ChangeMyMind image with the text you provide
-tweet | Creates a tweet image using the text you provide (username + text)
-meme | Sends you a meme straight from Reddit!
-fox | Sends you a cute fox picture with a fox fact at the bottom!
-kick | Kicks specified user for the specified reason
-ban | Bans specified user for the specified reason
-purge | Purge’s the specified amount of messages in the channel you launched the command
-announce | Announces your message to the mentioned channel
-serverinfo | Gives information about the server the command was executed in
-blockgamble | Blocks a player from gambling on your server
-unblockgamble | Unblocks a player from gambling on your server
-cash | Views how much cash you have
-pay | Pays the mentioned member the specified amount of money
-deposit | Deposits money to your bank
-withdraw | Withdraws money from your bank
-gamble | Gambles your money in a win or lose situation
-steal | Steals an amount from the mentioned player
-work | Works and gains you money (50 minute cooldown)

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