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D.Va Bot - Your own Officer Hana Song.
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D.Va Bot has shut down since Jan 1st, 2022

Many thanks to all who have accompanied us on this journey.

A D.Va themed NadekoBot

D.Va Bot is a Powerfull Moderation- and Games Bot. Able to bring fun while maintaining a positive image of your Server.

Handle with care and D.Va won’t punish you ;)



  • Collect Experience by writing with others on the Server.
  • Create Groups and duel with other groups.



  • Collect D.Coins.
  • Play some Games alone or with friends.



  • Play Gambling games alone or with friends.
  • Win coins to play or buy stuff.
  • Get your own Waifus.



  • Play some Music.



  • Show some Information about you, your friends or the Server.



  • Search all sorts of things in the Internet.



  • Get a bit dirty ;) (NSFW Channel only)


Custom Reactions

  • Create custom reactions to let D.Va respond in your Server.



  • Decide, wich commands can be used or not.



  • Administrate your Server and user.


See all aviable commands on D.Vas Website

D.Va Bot is a modification of NadekoBot.

NadekoBot is made by Kwoth.

If something is not working properly, please join the support server first!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.