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Invite Eid O' Clock Bot to your server and get access to Eidolon Hunt information and analysis commands. Join the hunt with Eid O' Clock Discord Bot.

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Eid O' Clock Discord Bot Described:

EidoClock is a bot centered around the Eidolon Hunts in Warframe! Ask for pings for when the next hunt is starting and see previews of analysis from idalon.com!
Eid O' Clock FAQ
Basic Usage of Eid O’ Clock

To activate the bot, type / in a channel where slash commands are enabled and use a command provided by Eid O’ Clock. You can also tag @Eid O' Clock and include a command in the message. Try /help or @Eid O' Clock help to for a quick overview of all commands.

Command Overview

Use /help to see all commands with a brief description


Create a new ping request in a Discord server to be notified when the next hunt is starting!


Removes all of your ping requests in the server the command is used


View your requested pings in the server the command is used in


Lists out the next few upcoming hunt times at the time the command is used

/default [minutes]

Sets your default minutes for /ping-me if you don’t specify a minutes value
This does not change existing ping requests

/use-channel [channel]

Specify a channel to send the /ping-me notifications in
Does not affect idalon.com summaries
Requires user to have Manage Channels permission

/toggle-idalon [true/false]

Enable or disable generation of Idalon.com night summaries.
Requires user to have Manage Messages permission

/stats [hunter]

Look up a hunter’s stats based on Idalon.com

/idalon-summary [link]

Generates a summary of the provided idalon.com link


An interactive chart showing how many void strike stacks are required to one-shot shields/limbs under various conditions


Displays links to vote for the bot. If you’ve voted recently and requested pings, it’ll use an animated emoji in the ping message

/ping-me Notification Details

The bot creates and uses a role dedicated for pinging members about when the next hunt starts.
The role is called Next Hunt and has no permissions assigned to it.

Note that this role is not created until the first time the /ping-me command is used in your server. If a role called Next Hunt already exists, it will use that role instead of creating a new one. You currently cannot choose an existing role for it to use, but you can customize the role it creates after it’s created.

When it’s time to send a ping,
the bot will assign the role to members who have requested a ping at that time,
ping the role with a message in the appropriate channel,
then remove the role from the members that were assigned it a bit later.

This way if multiple members request a ping for the same time, the bot won’t have to list each member individually.
If no one requested a ping at a certain ping time, no message is sent.

It is recommended to not modify the permissions of Next Hunt or use this role for anything else!

Permissions Explained
Permission Reason
Manage Roles Creating the Next Hunt role and assign/unassign it to users for ping me command
Mention @everyone, @here and All Roles Ensures the bot can mention the Next Hunt role if it’s normally not mentionable. The bot will never mention @everyone, @here or any other role.
Embed Links Formatting of some command output and idalon previews
Use External Emojis Allows use of an external emoji in messages and buttons
Common Issues
The bot is not sending notification messages (or any messages)

There are a couple possibilities

  1. The bot is unable to interact with the Next Hunt role, meaning it’s unable to assign the role to ping members
  • Make sure that the Next Hunt role is listed below the Eid O’ Clock role in server roles!
  1. The bot is missing permissions to send messages
  • You can re-invite the bot to your server using the invite link found at the bottom of /help to reset the bot’s permissions. Also double check any permissions set on channels and categories as these override permissions set at role level

For more help, join the support server!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Eid O' Clock Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Eid O' Clock to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Eid O' Clock Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: @Eid O' Clock
Servers: 1.7K
Users: unknown
Created by: Speenah#3671