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Ellie Discord Bot Described:

Ellie - Made for you with all the features that you could wish for.

Ellie is the only multipurpose bot you will ever need! Ellie is filled with features that can help you keep your server running smoothly, or just let your members have more fun in your server. Here’s a brief overview of what Ellie has to offer (this list is not complete, so take a look at the +help command to see every command Ellie has):

Moderation Commands

Ellie has a ton of commands that can help you better moderate your server. Issue out warnings to rulebreakers with the +warn command, or punish spammers with the +mute command. You can always view all moderation actions taken on a specific user, as well as any warns placed on them, so you can see if they are a repeat offender. Here are some commands that can help you out with your moderation tasks:

  • +warn <@user> <reason> - Give a warning to someone
  • +warnings <@user> - View every warning given to someone
  • +mute <@user> <reason> - Mute someone, making it so they cannot speak in any channels
  • +unmute <@user> - Unmute someone so that they can speak again
  • +kick <@user> <reason> - Kick someone
  • +ban <@user> <reason> - Ban someone
  • +purge <amount> - Purges a specified amount of messages from the channel you are in
Administrator commands

These commands are used to help manage your server or to setup Ellie. Most of these commands require you to be an administrator in your server.

  • +prefix <new prefix> - Change Ellie’s prefix
  • +embed - Create and send an embed in a specific channel (useful for announcements)
  • +say [@channel] <message> - Send a message to a specific channel through the bot
  • +setuplogs - Setup a logging channel to log moderator and bot actions
Fun Commands

These commands are for having fun. They are meant to let users have fun in your server, and can be used alone or with friends.

  • +8ball <question> - Ask the magic 8ball a question
  • +coinflip - Flip a coin
  • +insult [@user] - Insult someone (or yourself)
  • +meme - Look at memes, while in discord
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Ellie Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Ellie to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Ellie Discord Bot' on this page.

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