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A bot for emoji and sticker management. Lock custom emojis to roles, easily steal emojis from other servers, and more!


Emoji Tools is a bot that offers various features for managing emojis and stickers. You are able to restrict the usage of custom emojis in your server to certain roles. There are commands to easily get the image file for an emoji or sticker. The bot fully utilizes slash commands with autocomplete and context menu commands to provide a better user experience.


/emoji-info - Display information about a custom emoji.

/sticker-info - Display information about a sticker.

/sticker-pack - Display information about a sticker pack.


/lock-emoji - Lock a custom emoji to a role.

/unlock-emoji - Unlock a custom emoji.


/help - Get help on how to use the bot.

/info - Display information about the bot.

/invite - Send an invite link for the bot.

/stats - Display the bot’s statistics.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slash Commands Respond with "This Interaction Failed"

If you get a “This Interaction Failed” error when using slash commands, make sure that there isn’t a bot outage and your Discord client is up to date.

Changing the Bot's Prefix

You cannot change the prefix with slash commands, as they are built into Discord.

Emojis Displaying Incorrectly

Due to a Discord limitation with application command responses, the @everyone role requires the Use External Emoji permission for external emojis to display properly.

Locking an Emoji to Multiple Roles

Running the /lock-emoji command multiple times (with overwrite set to False) will allow you to lock the specified emoji to multiple roles. Members will require only one of the roles to use the emoji.

Slash Command Permissions

Server admins are able to restrict usage of commands to certain roles, users, and channels via Server Settings -> Integrations -> Emoji Tools on desktop only for now. This may change in the future depending on updates from Discord.