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Invite Emojis Simulator Bot to your server and play with emojis and other commands. Get PvP battles and buy ranks with coins. Discord Bot.

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Emojis Simulator Discord Bot Described:

Emojis simulator is a game, you play with emojis with other people or by yourself, you can PvP people and you can buy pets/ranks using coins

Emojis Simulator
How to setup the bot:
You invite the bot with the permissions, and then do the setup command .Setup The Bot Going to create channels to play.

How to Play:
you start by creating a profile to save ur progress, creating profile using .Create and you can view it using .Profile

Type .Play to Start a Game Party, you will need another person to play but if you dont have anyone you can use .Practice to play solo or to play the speed run mode.

How to Earn Coins:
After you join a party vote for a game mode;

Classic Mode: the bot will say something like “Send 😎,😭 and 😀 in a Message for 3 Coins” and you have to send the emojis like “😎😭😀” or “😎 😭 😀” to earn the coins. (Double space not supported)
Boss Fight Mode: the bot will say something like “Add reaction With 😎,😭 and 😀 to this Message” and you have to react with the emojis.
Mini-Games Mode: There is 6 mini-games each has it own way to play.
You can also earn coins other commands;

Daily: You can Get Coins Everyday using .Daily
Code: You can Get Coins From Redeeming Codes using .Code [Code]
Giveaway: You can Win Coins From Giveaways, you can Host one using .Giveaway
PvP: you can Fight for Others’ Coins Using .PvP (User) (Money)
your goal is to be the first in the leaderboard, view it using .LeaderBoard

How to Upgrade:
You can Rank up or buy Emojis for Multipliers,

Use .Crates to view Crates and .Crate to Buy Them
Use .RankUp to Rank up, ranking up will unlock new/better crates
Game Made By Ameer!#5810

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Emojis Simulator Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Emojis Simulator to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Emojis Simulator Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: Ameer!#0001