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Translates messages to emoji for shitposting fun.

EmojiTranslatorBot allows people to turn their regular text messages into Discord emojis.

Permissions needed:

Manage Messages - The bot deletes commands after they’ve been issued.

Use External Emojis - The extra translations are emojis from other servers. The bot won’t complain about a lack of this permission, stuff will just be broken.

Send Messages - How are you going to be able to see the translation if the bot can’t even send messages in the first place?

Available translations are Discord’s regional indicator emojis, regular forms of Unown, shiny forms of Unown for better readability on the dark theme, and text with flashing colors.

Use emoji help to get started.

emoji translate Translates to standard discord emojis.

emoji unown Translates to Unown forms. A bit hard to read on the discord dark theme though.

emoji shiny Translates to shiny Unown forms.

emoji rgb Translates to an alphabet with flashing and pulsating colors.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.




Prefix: emoji
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: iComputer7#0007
Short link: discord.ly/emojitranslatorbot