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EPICDANK Bot offers numerous entertainment commands to keep your server lively! Invite this bot for dank memes and that social niche you didn't know you needed.

EPICDANK Bot offers the widest array of social commands that drives interaction like no other bot on Discord! Want to give your friends a hard time? Then epic mock their message. Looking for a relevant reaction image? Then epic gif has your back! To keep your server lively, EPICDANK Bot offers: Mini-games, economy, music discovery, image manipulation, image pulls, moderation, and much more to guarantee an all-in-one bot experience! Are you dank enough for this bot?

Current Commands:


1v1: 1v1 me noob

askdoge: Ask the all telling doge anything.

dadjoke: Daddy tell me a joke

dunce: Who's the dunce

gif: Pulls a GIF relevant to the keyword provided courtesy of GIPHY.

meme: Pull a very dank meme.

mock: mOcK thE StUpiD sTuFf yoUr fRiEnDS sAY.

poke: Poke your enemies

roll: Get the dice out!

slap: Slap your friends silly


`airhorn: MLG Airhorn time baby!

hellodarkness: Hello darkness my old friend..

howard: Howard the Alien!!!!

missionfailed: Mission failed, we'll get em next time.


blackjack: 21! 21! 21!

daily: Daily DANKCOIN delivery

flip: Bet your DANKCOIN on a coin flip!

flip1v1: Gamble your DANKCOIN against your friends on a coinflip!

balance: See how much DANKCOIN you currently have!

pay: Pay someone some DANKCOIN!

rich: See who's the dankest on your server!

slots: Bet your DANKCOIN on the slot machine!

Music Discovery

chill: Perfect for studying

edm: Your favorite music you haven't heard yet

hiphop: Hippitus hoppitus

indie: Indie rock/pop vibes

postrock: It isn't a dead genre I swear

retro: That late night Delorean drive feeling


kick: Kicks a user from the channel

pull: Pulls groups of users into a channel in one command.

purge: Purge messages from a channel, quickly removing posts.


groups: Lists all command groups.

enable: Enables a command or command group.

disable: Disables a command or command group.


help: Displays a list of available command with information

prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.

invite: Gives a direct invite for the bot to join servers.

vote: Gives voting link that rewards users with DANKCOIN upon voting
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Prefix: epic
Servers: unknown
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Created by: Sook#3936
Short link: discord.ly/epicdank-bot