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Created by: Toby#9857
Short link: discord.ly/eve-3009
Eve is a multi-purpose discord bot with unique features, like password-protected roles, simple message embeds, and much more.

Eve - A multi-purpose Discord Bot for everyone

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Overview for all features

  • Fun commands to have a laugh
  • Message embeds to easily format your messages
  • Wikis to get news to some articles right into your server
  • Moderation tools, like poll-, clear-, and ban-commands
  • An own money system where you can earn coins, gamble, fish have fun with your friends and much more
  • Password-protected roles, that make your channels safer

Getting started with Eve

When Eve joins your server, it will send you a list of permissions that it needs to run every command properly. You can also send Eve a PM to see the full list. Make sure to give Eve all the requested permissions under the Official Invite Link to avoid permission problems.


After that, Eve is ready to go, and you can start using commands.
You get an overview for every command by using -help

Featured Commands

Create message embeds

Message-embeds are used to create better looking messages for your server. Many server use them for rules and announcements. Eve features the most simple ever message system.

  • Create simple Embeds with the command -embed <color> <title> <message>
  • You can use any color, but it must be in english, there is almost every color possible. For a list of possible options, you can use the command -help colors
  • The title must be one word, the rest of the message can be any length
  • The image in the embed is your server icon

Here is an example how this command can get used:
Eve Message Embeds Example

Note: Users need to have permission ADMINISTRATOR, MANAGE_CHANNELS, MANAGE_MESSAGES or MANAGE_GUILD to avoid spammers on your server.

For more help to that topic you can use the command -help embeds or join the Support Discord

Setting up a password-protected role

When you set up a password-protected role, a new channel and a new role are getting created. Those two are very important for the system, but can be renamed however you want.

Note: Users need to have permission ADMINISTRATOR, MANAGE_CHANNELS, or MANAGE_ROLES to use any password-protected role command.

  • To set up a password-protected role use -pw setup <password>
  • After that the bot will create a new channel, a new role and send you a PM (Private Message)
  • In this PM you get a verification that everything ran properly and you can see your current password

Note: You can’t apply the password-protection to already existing roles and channels, the bot will create their own, but you can rename and design them however you want.

This is how the PM will look like
Password Protection PM Example

  • To get the password-protected role users need to write the password in the created channel
  • Their message in this channel will be deleted immediatly that others don’t see the password, but still getting processed

This is how the channel on the server will look like
Password Protection Channel Example

  • If the password is right, users will be getting the role that was created before. If it is wrong, they won’t
  • After every try of entering a password the user gets a PM with the current state (see screenshot example)

Note: Only one password-protected role is currently possible per server

This is how the state notifications via PM look likePassword Protection State Example

  • After that you are basically done

More commands for password protection

  • -pw clear - Clear the password-protection system on your server, that you don’t have to delete anything. You need to perform this command, if you deleted the channel, and want to set up a new password-protected role, because the ID of the old channel will still get used for the message listener and be stored in the Database.
  • -pw change <new password> - Change the password to a newer one
  • -pw current - Get a PM with the current password

For more help to that topic you can use the command -help pw or join the Support Discord

Using the money system

Eve Money is a fun Chat-Adventure game, where you can earn money and rank up.

  • To get started simply use the command -money, and then you will get your starting balance of 250 coins
  • Now you can do anything. You can go fishing with -fish, rob other users by using -rob <@User>, send other people money with -pay <@User>, and go gamble with -gamble <coins>
  • But that was by far not everything. The bot’s getting updated regularly and always receiving new features for the money system. Here are some further money system commands:
  • -deposit <amount/all/half> and -withdraw <amount/all/half> let you easily transfer your money to your bank/wallet
  • -gift lets you claim your daily gift of 2.5k coins on the Eve Development Server
  • -beg lets you beg for money

There are also some secret drops hidden, that you can get by just using Eve commands. Here an example:
Drops Example
If you are even luckier you can win some jackpots when fishing or gambling. Here an example:
Meg Example

  • When using any commands, you are getting XP and ranking up your Eve level, which causes you some cool features. Here is an example of the -profile command:

Profile Example

There are also some statistics for getting jackpots and special rewards existing. You can use -jackpots to see jackpot statistisc, -meg to see megalodon statistics and -drops to see drop statistics

Statistic Example
Due to the high interest in this feature, it is getting update regularly, so what you can see on this page is just a small example of all available features

For more help to that topic you can use the command -help money or join the Support Discord
Note: There might be some Major changes on some features in the future, but the system will always be the same.

Important links and help

I hope this page could introduce you the Eve bot well enough, if you still need more help, try using the command -help, PM the bot or change the Support Discord. Don’t forget to add Eve to your server by using the Invite Link. Also if you have any good ideas for commands or improvements to the bot, feel free to tell them to the dev on the Support Discord. Have fun and good gambeling!