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Created by: EzzChats#0303
Short link: discord.ly/exusiai
An Arknights centered Discord bot with moderation features.
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Yo, leader!
Exusiai gives you info for Arknights related stuff.

Features include:

  • Operator Info w/Skins
  • Headhunt/Gacha Simulator
  • Arknights Random Waifu/Husbando Pulls
  • Moderation (Kick, Ban)

Upcoming Features:

  • More useful Arknights links
  • Music Bot feature
  • EN Server Reset Indicator (Renames Voice Channels)
  • Integration with other games (Currently osu!)
  • Anime Info

This bot is still in development stage, and is subject to maintenance.
Any suggestions can be given in the support server linked in this page!