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Prefix: ffn!
Created by: Tibo#4309
Short link: discord.ly/fakefakenews
FakeFakeNews bot - search articles, random article and show articles by ID


FFNBot is an open-source bot for FakeFakeNews. See ffn!help for more information about commands.


  • FakeFakeNews commands
    • ffn!article <id>: Show an article by ID
    • ffn!latest: Show the latest article
    • ffn!random: Show a random article
    • ffn!recent: Show a list of the most recent articles
    • ffn!search <text>: Search for an article (looks through headlines)
  • ffn!help [command]: Gives a list of commands or gives information (usage/aliases) for the specified command
  • ffn!invite: Get an invite link for the bot