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A multifunctional bot with many features such as moderation, music, logging, birthdays, giveaways, ticket system and link blocking.

A multifunctional bot with many features such as moderation, music, logging, birthdays, giveaways, ticket system and link blocking.

Music Commands:

play <Link/SongName>: PLay the specified music in your voice channel.

pause: Pause the song that’s currently playing.

resume: Resume the paused song.

stop: Stop the music and disconnect the bot.

queue: Display the current song queue.

skip: Skip the current song to the next one in queue.

volume <1/10>: Change the music volume.

np: Display the current playing song.

Birthday Commands:

bd set:Set your birthday. bd view @user:View the specified user’s birthday.

bd next:View the next birthday in date.

bd list:show the list of people’s birthdays.

Moderation commands:

mute <@user> : mute this user for an unlimited time

tempmute <@user> : mute this user for a specified duration

unmute <@user>: unmute this user

ban <@user> : ban the specified user

tempban <@user> : tempban the specified user

unban <@user> : unban the specified user

kick <@user> : kick the specified user

clear : delete the specified amount of message

warn <@user> : warn the specified user with the specified reason

unwarn <@user> : remove from the specified user the specified warn.

warn-info <@user>: display the warn info from the specified user.

logs-channel-set: set the channel as the logs one

logs-channel-remove: remove the channel from the logs ones

user-info <@user>: display the info from the specified user.

Staff Manager:

staff-add <@user>: add the specified user to the staff list

staff-remove <@user>: remove the specified user from the staff list.

Others Mods Commands:

gstart: start the process to create a giveaway

Team Birthday Commands:

bd message list:Show the list of custom messages on the server.

bd message add :Add a custom message.

bd message remove :Remove the custom message matching the position in the list command.

bd message clear:Remove all the custom messages from the server.

bd message time <0-23>:Set the time when birthday messages will come up.

bd channel add:Set the channel that’ll receive the birthday messages

bd channel remove:Remove the channel from the ones that receive the birthday messages

Ticket System Commands

ticket-setup: sets up ticket-system.

ticket-close: gives option to download transcript, or close ticket immediately.

Link Commands:

link-all: Shows all currently whitelisted links.

link-warn: Sets warn-state, warns user if enabled.

link-whitelist: Whitelists a domain name

link-unwhitelist: Unwhitelists a domain name

Note: We’re still updating the bot with new features. Please join our support server if you want to get notifications about bugs and updates!

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Created by: GC | Michi#8019
Short link: discord.ly/gamercloud