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Prefix: g!
Created by: ZinX#0006
Short link: discord.ly/gem1
A powerful moderation bot with fun commands.

DISCORD BOT : A bot you need for your server

Before we explain what this bot is, let me tell you how it was made.
This bot was made using…

  • DiscordJS Package
  • Coded in JS
  • Made in Mid 2020
  • Has lots of functions

Make sure to give this bot ADMINISTRATOR permissions for moderation otherwise it won’t do it

What does this bot do?

This discord bot is usually for moderation. We are implementing many more features and this is where you can get updated, as well as the support server.

Features include…

  • Ban user
  • Kick user
  • Send avatar
  • Online members
  • 2 help commands (g!status, g!help)
  • Invite bot
  • Prune members
  • Welcome + leave message

No, don’t go! This is just a little hint of what the bot does. We are implementing 10 more commands when this bot gets into 10 more servers.
Use the g!help command if you need help with the bot.

Join our support server for more command notices.

~ P.S. We have a secret hidden feature in the bot. Join the server to find out :D