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A general bot that can do many general and fun things! Owner: LilBigSlurp#3738
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The General Bot has many general features including:

‘help’ lets you see the help message.

‘ping’ and ‘pong’ are commands used to check if the bot is online and tells the ping.

‘say’ allows you to make the bot say whatever you want it to say.

‘add’ is an adding calculator. (used: ‘&add 9 10’, for which the outcome would be 19).

‘coinflip’ flips a random coin (either heads or tails)

‘8ball’ is a fun command where you can ask the magic 8 ball a question and it will reply.

‘invite’ makes the bot DM you an invite link to invite the bot to your server.

‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ send gifs corresponding with their command names.

Don’t forget to always use the prefix, ‘&’

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