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Create Giveaway On You Discord Server Quickly And Easily

Giveaway Bot


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Our Website Discord Invite

Hello, thank you for using up your mind to use Giveaway Bot, this giveaway bot is very easy to use and simple. You can create up to 20 giveaways per server quickly and easily! If you don’t understand any commands here, easily type and bot will send a description and usage of the command.


These are the following examples of the commands usage that might help you to start your giveaway. You can freely join our Support Server to need more help or if you’re dealing with any issues.

  • General: Sends you the help embed for every commands, ( <command> to get usage and description of the specific command that you’ve mentioned.)

  • General: The pings for Websocket Latency and Bot Latency.

  • General: ..uptime: The bot uptime and latest updates.

  • Giveaways: ..start: Starts a giveaway in the current channel you are. Eg: ..start 10m 1w Discord Nitro (Would start a 10-minutes giveaway with 1 winner and the prize will be Discord Nitro).

  • Giveaways: ..reroll: Reroll a giveaway to determine a new winner, Eg: ..reroll <GiveawayID>.

  • Giveaways: ..end: End a running giveaway instantly, results of winner will be determine by bot. Eg: ..end <GiveawayID>.

  • Giveaways: ..edit: Edit your giveaway that have already run. Eg: ..edit <GiveawayID> 30m 1w 2 Nitro Classic. (That would edit the prize to Nitro Classic, 1 winner and the duration will added by 30 minutes.) WARNING: Mentioning the new time will added your mentioned duration with the current durations. If you don’t want that the durations to increase, simply type 0s.

  • Giveaways: ..delete: Delete a running giveaway. Eg: ..delete <GiveawayID>. Deleting giveaways with this method will decrease the running giveaways amount in your server.


The video above is one of the example of how to setup a giveaway. Remember that giveaway cannot be shorter than 2 seconds, winners cannot be higher than 15, and only 20 giveaways per server limit. (We’ll add a premium version for it!

Giveaway Bot is an advance giveaway bot that let you create giveaways quickly and easily. We’re still developing this bot so it might have a bugs or errors that we must fix. Join our Discord Server now to ask help or others. We also have some current problem that whenever Giveaway Bot goes off, all giveaways will stop due to some crash of the bot. We won’t have any issues of the bot to goes off unless some over running giveaways at once. This problem doesn’t seems to be a big issue since we rarely got this.

New Features

Yes, we’re currently trying to make up a Premium Version for Giveaway Bot. We’ll be making a Premium bot for it and not mixing it up with the Free Features. These are the new features that we might highly add it:

  • More Giveaways: The normal bot can only hold up to 20 giveaways per server but the Premium Version
    can hold up to 50 giveaways per server.
  • Extra Durations: Normal durations you can set is up to 3 weeks but with the Premium Version, you can set up to 5-7 weeks!
  • More Winners: The winners of each giveaway only could hold up to 15 winners ONLY. The Premium Version can instead hold a giveaway with 30 winners MAX!
  • New Command: We also have decided to add a new command related to the Giveaways category yet, we’re still thinking about it.

We’re not sure for this new features that we gonna release, but we’ll work on that and making sure that all of the bots either it’s the normal Giveaway Bot and the premium bot will work perfectly fine.

Thank You

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add GiveawayCord Discord Bot to my server?

You can add GiveawayCord to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add GiveawayCord Discord Bot' on this page.

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