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Invite HackerIO Bot to your server and enjoy the hacking game with levels, mini-games, gambling, rankings and more commands! Discord Bot.

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HackerIO x CG Discord Bot Described:

Join your friends, hack your enemies. This bot provides a fun hacking game with levels, mini-games, gambling, rankings and lots more!

Join your friends, hack your enemies and develop your hacking skills. This bot is a fun hacking simulated game with hacks, levelling up, mini-games like connect 4, global rankings and weekly updates! Join in the fight to become the best hacker!

Getting Started
  1. Set your Discord appearance to Online or DnD to make your account online.
  2. Register your account >register you must accept the terms to making your account! Then follow the steps.
If you are a brand-new user running your first command:

Your first command will simply just create your user account and give you instructions on how to get started.

  • You will need to re-enter and execute your desired command, the second time round will execute as expected.
  1. See the full list of commands available to you by executing >help

Optional add a command name to get a description of a selected primary command.

  1. Claim your daily rewards >daily

The amount that you get will increase as you level up.

  1. To boost your chances of executing a success full hack use the >learn command to revise each command

We don’t expect you to know what every command does straight away! Take your time!

  1. Time To Hack! >hack -u -r Good luck with your first hack!

-u means that you are targeting a user
-r means you want to target a random user. psst you can replace this parameter to a specific IP address.

  • To get the most out of events, news updates and challenges opt-in the direct message list to receive notifications >opt (optional).

Get Elite = £1.99


If hacking other hackers isn’t your thing or you want to gain some experience points to level up whilst you’re still learning the commands you can play some Mini-Games!

Online Games Setup
Confirmation Stage
  • Sends out a message to the channel which the initial game invite was sent.
  • Both players must accept by reacting with the accept emoji for the game to be registered.
  • Checks if the player is part of the database
  • Whether or not the other players are in a game.
  • Checks if the number of players needed for the game to start is met.
End game

Both players will get experience points for playing each game until the end. The winner will get an extra gold whilst the loser will get a small fraction of that bonus! All players that took part in the game, results will be updated in the database (exp, coins, W/L ratio etc)

Primary Command Description
connect4 Connect four of the same colour to win the game.

This command will allow players to verse other guild members to a game of classic connect 4.
the objective of the game is to connect 4 of your circles in a row. whether that’s in a row horizontally, vertically and diagonally!

Number of players: 2

usage: >connect4 <@tag challenged play> <channel>

The bot will respond with intial Game setup then the game will be gain! Select a slot to drop your piece by sending a number between 1 - 7.

Channel Description
none (Default) The game Will be played in the guild Chat
dm Players will play the game via Direct Message with the bot

Prime Commands

Good Quality Commands! Too good to be free sorry guys. These commands require Elite Status to run! commands that have been marked Elite Only :

  • Have been created by the community developers and verified by an official team developer!


This command will help you to leave things that you are in.

usage: >!leave <mode>
Modes Description
game (Default) Leaves the current game that you are in, no take-backs!

This command can not be undone when executed and accepted! Once data has been deleted its **DELETED **.

usage: >!delete <mode>
Modes Description
account Deletes your account and all of your data after a second conformation message from the bot. Hope you never have to do this.

Collaboration On The Bot

The source code to this bot is open for collaboration! To start collaborating tag or DM a developer in the support server

  • Need to know a decent amount of TypeScript (JavaScript is okay too).
  • Knowledge of how MongoDB works.
  • Have already played the game!
  • Don’t mind using speaking to the rest of the team (English *only).


HackerIO is just an educational simulated game! You do learn some real hacking skills, pls be responsible with what you learn!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add HackerIO x CG Discord Bot to my server?

You can add HackerIO x CG to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add HackerIO x CG Discord Bot' on this page.

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