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A Discord Bot to let your servers' members fight some "Halo-themed" duels, full of gifs and funny stuff!

Halo Duels ✊

A Discord Bot to let your servers’ members fight some “Halo-themed” duels, full of gifs and funny stuff!

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Full list of available commands

You’ll find detailed explanations about how the game works at duels.halocrea.com.

You can get the full list of available commands by typing !duel help (or !duel aide in French). If you changed the default prefix, you’ll have to use it with the help command. Please find below the default ones in English:

General commands

  • !duel help: send help.
  • !duel invite: get an link to invite this bot to your own servers.
  • !duel nickname your-custom-nickname: change your nickname for the bot.
  • !duel stats: display your own statistics.
  • !duel leave: delete all data stored about you.
  • !duel leaderboard: display the top 10 players.

In-game commands

  • !duel: only works at the beginning of a round (not during one); attack your opponent.
  • !duel ragequit: flee from the duel. After confirming, you will loose by default (forfeit).
  • !duel @member: Challenge the member you mentioned to a duel.

Admins/mods commands

  • !duel close #duel-channel: will end the duel of the given channel and delete the channel.
  • !duel prefix new-prefix: change the prefix used to call the bot. Notice: the prefix won’t be changed in the rules of the game.
  • !duel superrole-add @role: add the given role to the list of roles that can use the restricted commands. By default, only administrators can use those commands.
  • !duel uninstall: the bot will delete everything it stored about this Discord server and will leave it.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.




Prefix: !duel
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Tepec Fett (Halo Création)#9999
Short link: discord.ly/halo-duels