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Get information about winrate, profile data, hero information, item information, etc of Mobile Legends:Bang Bang (MLBB) profile
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A Discord bot which exclusively built for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game.

What are the features of Halpo?

Fetch your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game profile

With Halpo, you can fetch your In-Game Profile while being on Discord by binding your Game ID to Halpo and using the command ml!profile Halpo will send your in-game profile.

Show your win rate of a specific Hero

Now, you can flex your hero win rate to your friends with the help of Halpo.

Look for the information of a specific Hero

  • Background Story
  • Builds/Items
  • Skills

Fetch the latest In-Game News

Don’t get outdated from the latest in-game news as Halpo can fetch these and even give you the link to the news!

Look for the information of a specific Item

Fetch a certain item from the game with detailed information as what it shows in-game including the damage, passive, etc…

and more features…

Use the command ml!help to view all available commands to be used on your server.

Halpo requires permissions to send message and attach files in order to work properly. For more information, join our support server.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.