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Just a cool bot. HD is a moderation/meme/ticket/leveling bot.HD has Level System With Customizable Rank Card & Level Up Rewards also You Can Blacklist channels and see your leveling Progress
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Just a cool bot.HD is a moderation/meme/ticket/leveling bot it can block discord invite links or any type of website links.HD is a moderation bot that can create roles addroles removeroles lock channels and unlock channels counts members in the server and more. bot prefix is ! type !hd for commands. you have to give bot admin permissions or it won’t work. you can also generate your server invite link with it. Please let us know if you have trouble with the bot by joining our server. Bot is totally safe and 24/7 online. you can also warn people by using command !warn @username & reason. Creates Tickets. counts roles in the server. Generates your server invite link. for more commands type !hd. also it has memes. If Enjoyed Using HD Please Vote Our Bot This Gonna Help Us So Much.

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