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A bot where you can loot weapons, show off rare ones, participate in events, and more stuff coming soon!

Heirloom Evils

A fun bot inspired by Apex Legends, where you can loot, buy, sell, and show off your rare weapons!
Please note that this bot is not finished, and bot patch notes can be found here.


This bot’s development started when I made a bot to manage the Xeno Army’s latest army training. It was intended to keep switching on and off.

However, the users liked it so much I decided to make it public.
I started by adding it to the Good Vibes Lounge. Then, I added it to different bot lists.

Important info

Please note: The bot will NOT respond to a mention. I’m trying to fix this, so just use > for now.
Any command which looks for an item in your inventory must be used with a number (the place of the item, or ID >getid <ItemName>), not the item name.
Also, if the bot is offline, it is most likely going to be up again within a minute, so just be patient.



The bot does not have you in its database yet. To enter, use >enter. Nice and simple.
If you are already in the database, it’ll tell you.
You are required to enter in order to use loot, currency and level commands.


The main feature of the bot, looting, is also quite simple. Just type >loot. You will recieve a weapon.
If you are lucky, you may also receive a grenade, star, healing item or some coins!
Note that looting has a thirty second cooldown. You can check your inventory with >inventory. This will also show your coins.


Don’t worry, it DM’s you. The more you loot, the higher your experience will get.
The higher your experience, the better the loot. So loot a bit, then try to go for rare items like the Data Knife.


Heirloom Evils has a currency system. Coins are obtained by looting, selling weapons and more!
You can use coins on weapons, tickets (they will be announced here and more!
If your inventory is ‘too big’ to show your coins, you can use >balance to check just your coins.


Wondering how to check your level? Use >level. This will tell you your level, XP, how much you need to get, and a progress bar.
Level up by looting.
Note that you only level up by looting, not messaging.

Info Tabs

Use the >info command to see an item’s cost, rarity, and more!
Note that spaces are not allowed, and it is case-sensitive. Sorry…


There is no >shop command.
However, that’s being worked on, and you can ask support for a full list of items on sale.
Note that rare items like the Kunai, Data Knife and Raven Bite, cannot be bought.
They can be looted if you are at a very high level, or during events.
You can check the price and selling price for an item via >info <ItemName>.


Check the ping of the bot with >ping! If it is very high, consider using a server with a region closer to Europe.<


Remember back when you had to manually work out an item’s ID via >inventory? Worry no more! With the new >getid command, you can get an item’s ID easily!
You simply need to type >getid <itemname>. The item name would be something like P2020Handgun, FlatlineAssaultRifle or ButterflyKnife.
Note an item must be in your inventory to have an ID.


You can now receive gift codes!
These are usually given by the developers for voting, or as an apology. Buying them will be available soon!

And much more coming soon!

Right now we have a campaign, music and much more in the making.

Technical Stuff

The bot requires the Embed Links permission for embedding. Other than that, I’m sure it should work on permissions=0.

Anyway, hope to see you invite the bot. Cya!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: >
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: SuperGD#4444
Short link: discord.ly/heirloom-evils