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Users: 131,983
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Prefix: hb
Created by: UltraSkull1000#7470
Lewds, Lewds, and more Lewds! A bot designed to mass distribute porn, hentai, and all other colloquialisms for different kinds of pornographic material.

Honeybot has an exponentially growing and expanding library of hundreds of thousands of 'lewds'; all sorted and curated nicely and neatly.


Command Description
hbhelp Displays a list of commands
hblisttags Displays all available tags at the time of retrieval
hbget [tag] [count] Gets [count] images of tag [tag] P.S. you can also leave both the tag and count blank to pull a single random image from the full suite
hbreport [id] [reason] Reports the selected image to the curators to review
hbtag [id] [newtag] Applies additional tags to an image.

The bot requires the following permissions as a minimum to run properly:

  1. Send Messages
  2. Add Reactions
  3. Embed Links
  4. Attach Files

However, it is recommended to use the bot with administrator permissions for everything to function as expected.