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Invite Idle Adventurer Bot to your server and explore its unique idle commands. Unlock gear and challenge bosses with different skills and stats! Discord Bot.

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Idle Adventurer Discord Bot Described:

New idle game in which you do activities (such as mining, fishing and training) to get better abilities and gear to challenge bosses (with different skills and stats) to progress in the game


Training to get EXP and Coins
Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing to get a good amount of Coins
Attack, Health, Defence, Crit and Impale to spend your EXP on
Challenges against bosses with different stats and skills
Shop which is updated every 12 hours and is personal which will contain skills, weapons and armour
Rare pets dropped from various activities to boost your character
Daily world boss
Dungeon for rare items
Stats tracked such as gambling profit and activities done

Helpful Commands

+create <username> This is the first step to playing Idle Adventurer, both the discord account and username have to be unique.

+challenge/+challengedetails This will challenge the boss on your current floor or show you the stats of the floor you’re currently on.

+training This will reward you coins and experience at a rate higher than failing the challenge, but less than successfully killing it, it takes twenty minutes.

+woodcutting/fishing/mining This will send you to gather resources taking 10/30/60 minutes respectively, you will receive a nice amount of coins.

+hiscores This will show you the current top 10.

+activeskill <skillname>/+activepet <petname> This will make the skill/pet selected active (if you own it), you can only have one active skill/pet at a time.

+equipweapon <weapon> This will equip the weapon you have specified, you can only use one weapon at a time.

+equiparmour <armour> This will equip the piece of armour you have specified, you can only use one piece of armour at a time.

+view<weapons/armour/skills/pets> This will show you all the weapons/armour/skills/pets you own for the parameter specified.

+details This will show you all the details of your account, your levels, equipped gear, experience and coins.

+shop This will show you the items you can buy today, it is user specific and will refresh every 12 hours.

+buy <itemname> This will buy an item which is currently displayed in your shop.

+sell <itemname> This will sell an item which you own for half the purchase price.

+spendexp <attack/defence/health/crit/impale> <experiencePointsToSpend> This will spend experience acquired into the skill of your choice.

+gamble This will roll a number 1-100, if it’s bigger than 55 you will double your money, otherwise you lose what you gambled.

+skillexplanation This will explain how the combat and skills work together.

+petinfo Pets are rare drops dropped from superior bosses, +gamble, +training and +woodcutting/fishing/mining, each pet has unique abilities or stats! You can see more with +petinfo

+rollpet This will roll for the rarest and strongest pet Iggy, goodluck!

+rollpetactone <floornumber> This will roll for a boss pet (which can bee seen at +petinfo) to do this you must finish act one (floor 61)

Frequent Updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Idle Adventurer Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Idle Adventurer to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Idle Adventurer Discord Bot' on this page.

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