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Invite Insanity Gambler Bot to your server and explore its currency, cave raiding and car racing commands. Get started with Insanity Gambler Discord Bot.

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Insanity Gambler Discord Bot Described:

A currency bot but, much more. Craft your map by purchasing materials from shop and go raid a cave! Also, various cars on shop for car racing game.
Insanity Gambler - Fun bot
with currency system,robbing,weapons,cars and other goods


Commands List

prefix is + by the way, you can also use +help…

Categorized Commands
Currency Command
  • +rob - Rob someone’s money because sharing is good?
  • +balance (+bal) - Check your bank and pocket balance…
  • +deposit (+dep) - Secure money from robbers and add to bank
  • +withdraw (+with) - Grab money in pocket to buy and spend some…
  • +beg - In case, you don’t have money left (get upto 15,000 coins)
  • +shop (+store) - Check what’s on the store
  • +buy - Buy some items from the shop
  • +inventory (+inv) - Check what you have
  • +gift - Gift your items to someone
  • +give - Share your money with others
Game Commands
  • +slots - Go with some money and (if won) get 3x the boot money.
  • +carrace - Grab some cars from shop and race the world! Default car speed: 250 km/h (sports car is better isn’t it?)
  • +dmaker - Get some decisions randomly like +dmaker should I kill someone? Can give you wise option. (maybe)
  • +raid - Explore the map and raid the caves to get loot of coins upto 7,000,000 coins.
Utility Commands
  • +invite - Grab invite links of Bot, support server as well.
  • +ping - Not useful because, can’t tell you literally anything
  • +level - Check your stats… We mean how much to gain for a certain level
Some cool games to have fun…

Boot in our games mean the money you bet/provide to play game (just sayin...)

Slots Machine
What is slot machine?

Basically, 3 items are randomly arranged in a row

Game Rules:
  • Winning(Same 3 Items) gives you 3x the boot you play with.
  • Losing (No item common) takes all the boot
    +Reward for playing (Same 2 items) gives you half the boot you play with.
Car Racing
What is car racing game?

Basically, you give boot and you race with your car and get some money out of it. Depending on (Speed x Luck)

Available Cars:
Sports Car (speeds upto 400 km/h)

Better Car (speeds upto 300 km/h)

Game Rules:
  • 1st Position gives you 3x the boot you play with.

  • 2nd Position gives you 2x of the boot

  • 3rd Position you get your boot back without tax

  • Dying (accidents happen, don’t they?) takes your money

Raid the Cave

Raiding the cave is a way of earning money and having fun

Game Working?

You can buy Raid Ticket from the shop which costs 100,000 coins (each). Basically, this provides you soldiers to fight cave creatures and grab some coins from the cave

Raid Rules/Info:
  • You must have enough tickets to start raid on certain cave
  • You always get different loot for each cave
  • You can’t raid cave once you did
  • You can use tickets once (need to buy again for new raid)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Insanity Gambler Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Insanity Gambler to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Insanity Gambler Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: + (customizable)
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Created by: Gazarino#9899