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Created by: Gnome!#6669
An entertainment/moderation bot based around being a dong!

Insulting Bot Commands (?helpme)

@Insulting Bot: Shows a Random Insult, 1/100 chance to be nice and give you the Lucky Person role (this is triggered every 50 messages aswell)

?insult @person: Randomly chooses a insult with no chance to be nice and mentions the person you ping!

?laughing/?laugh, ?cringe and ?breakdown: Express your feelings


Finger_guns: Finger_guns!

owo: Says uwu

Stfu: Don't be mean

Kill me: will complete the action


Important Commands

?add_phrase/?delete_phrase/?list_phrase: Adds, deletes or lists a word or phrase from the 'shut up' list.

?suggest: Tells Gnome!#6669 to add something to Insulting Bot. This could be new insults, commands or tweaks to existing commands!

?lag: Are you lagging or am I?