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Jetlxg makes it easy to know when a user is available to talk on Discord by integrating timezones and sleep schedules into Discord.
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/ˈdʒet ˌlæɡ/

Jetlxg is a Discord bot which helps users on Discord understand if a person they’re trying to contact is actually available. When you first log into the website, you will be asked to input your timezone (you can also add temporary timezones for when you’re on a long holiday) and your usual sleep times. Then, if a user on Discord would like to contact you but is unaware of what time it is for you or if you’ll be awake, they can use the super simple and easy to use commands to find out if you’re asleep, when you’ll probably wake up and what your timezone is right now.

The design for Jetlxg tries to be as simplistic and easy to use as possible. The embeds are short and only contain necessary information and the website has a clean and easy to navigate design.

The bot is currently in very early alpha so bugs and missing features are expected. Please check out the support server for more information.

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