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Discord bot for Genshin Impact info

This bot pulls from a local database to return info on a lot of genshin impact areas

Such as character info and weapon stats

  artlo     Detailed Artifact Story Text
  artsh     Artifact Piece Intro Text
  artstory  All Artifact Story Text and Flavor Text
  piece     Story Of An Artifact Piece
  set       Artifact Set Details
  burst     Character Elemental Burst Data
  card      Character Info Card
  char      Character Basics
  charsea   Search Characters by tags
  charstats Character Stat Table
  chartags  List of character tags
  const     Constallations for a character
  full      Full Character Data
  natk      Character Normal Attack Data
  pass      Passive skills for a character
  skill     Character Elemental Skill Data
  story     Story for a character
  food      Food Set Details
  item      Food Set Details
  weap      Weapon Info
  weapsea   Search Weapons by tags
  weapstats Weapon Stat Table
  weapstory Weapon Story
  weaptags  List of weapon tags
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Created by: Eike#6969
Short link: discord.ly/katheryne