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KillerBot is NOT just another multi-purpose bot, KillerBot provides a wide unique variety of moderation, fun, and utility commands while keeping it simple for users and servers to use!
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| KillerBot |

A multi-purpose bot with a variety of moderation, fun, and utility commands that provide a unique experience to its servers and users!☑️


💰 Cool Economy system with a shop!

🛠️ Moderation and Self-role commands!

📥 Join-leave announcements!

🎮 Minigames and Fun commands!

⚙️ Utility useful commands!

🌟 Good support and frequent updates!

Getting Started:

📍 Commands List: k!help

📍 Command Information: k!help [command name]

📍 Permissions: KillerBot will need all the permissions in the invite link for all commands to work properly but the main perms it needs are: Read & send messages & Embed Links


↪ Add the bot: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=263753726324375572&scope=bot&permissions=1480615958

ℹ Get help/support along with updates in the bot’s support server: https://discord.gg/DNqAShq

Made with love by Panda#8822

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