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An AI-powered security and (auto)moderation bot with 24/7 support and drop-in support team service!

KnightBot is an AI-powered Discord Bot built to help secure your server and provide smart and easy moderation tools to your staff - that is, when they need to intervene.

Features include:

Always-On AutoMod
Global Banlist Syncing
Anti SocialMedia, AntiInvite, AntiLink options
Anti-RaidBot Captcha/Checkpoint
Standard and rule-based AutoRole
Extreme HQ Music Streaming (with in-house codec coffee and iQueue, KnightBot's smart playback system)


24/7 Discord Chat Support AND Drop-In Support from the Development and PR Team! SUPPORT FOR PARTNERED, VIP, AND VERIFIED DISCORD SERVERS (Special Features for those Special Servers)


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Servers: unknown
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Created by: Caleb#9962
Short link: discord.ly/knightbot