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An AI-powered security and (auto)moderation bot with 24/7 support and drop-in support team service!

KnightBot is an AI-powered Discord Bot built to help secure your server and provide smart and easy moderation tools to your staff - that is, when they need to intervene.

Features include:

Always-On AutoMod
Global Banlist Syncing
Anti SocialMedia, AntiInvite, AntiLink options
Anti-RaidBot Captcha/Checkpoint
Standard and rule-based AutoRole
Extreme HQ Music Streaming (with in-house codec coffee and iQueue, KnightBot's smart playback system)


24/7 Discord Chat Support AND Drop-In Support from the Development and PR Team! SUPPORT FOR PARTNERED, VIP, AND VERIFIED DISCORD SERVERS (Special Features for those Special Servers)

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.