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Created by: TeVe#0001
Short link: discord.ly/krone
Krone is a multi purpose bot, with moderation, embeds, reports, games, memes, and much more. It's dank memer, mee6 & dyno combined!

Krone is mainly focusing on stuff like moderation and memes! In the near future this bot will not only have more moderation commands but a totally free auto-role level system.
If you would like to invite this bot, go a head and do so!

The Current Commands Of Krone


  • love
  • meme
  • rps
  • say


  • help
  • invite
  • ping
  • whois


  • ban
  • kick
  • lock
  • mute
  • nuke
  • purge
  • report
  • unban
  • unmute
  • warn
  • warns


  • role
  • slowmode
  • role (create or add roles to a user)

If you have any problems or issues with any command(s) or maybe you have questions, please join our support server and we will help you out in no hurry at all!