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Created by: 2D#5773
Short link: discord.ly/kyflx
A multi-purpose discord bot focused on providing high quality music and commands for use in any discord server.


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Kyflx is a multi-purpose discord bot focusing on Music and Staff (Moderation). Trusted by over 100,000 users and 400 guilds. You will find a bug-free and easy-to-use experience.


⚙️ Guild Configuration
📟 Over 80 Commands
🐛 Daily Bug Fixes, Updates, and new features.
🗣️ Support for more languages.


  • 🎵 Music (bassboost, play, loop, seek, shuffle, etc…)
  • 👮 Staff (tempmute, tempwarn, ban, warn, add & remove role, etc…)
  • 💰 Sim (crime, rob, bank, profile, gamble, etc…)
  • 🦺 Sfw (penguin, cat, dog, owl, wolf, panda, pat, cuddle, kiss, hug, etc…)
  • 😆 Fun (taboo, rps, 8ball, uwuify, fact, etc…)
  • 🔧 Util (avatar, user-info, ping, membercount, help, etc…)
  • ⚙️ Settings (autorole, muterole, prefix, punishments, embed-color, etc…)

Things that are coming soon:

  • Anti-Spam
  • Starboard
  • Reaction Role Setup
  • Case Management
  • Sim Commands
  • More Languages (German, Romanian).


  • Auto Roles on join
  • Temporary Mutes and Bans
  • Automatic (Temp) Bans and Mutes when members exceed certain warn amounts.


If you find any bugs or issues related to the bot please join the support server mentioned earlier in the README or submit an issue on the Github repo which was also mentioned earlier in the readme.

P.S. please provide screenshots of the bugs and describe what you did before the error occurred.

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