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Earn bitcoins by simply using the "!claim" command!


!claim - Lets you claim 4 - 8 satoshi [ %100 RANDOM ] [ HOUR ] !balance - Used to check your OWN balance !bal - Used to check your OWN balance !balances [@user] - Used to check someone else's balance :warning: You can only claim every 12 hours :warning:


!withdraw [ADDRESS / "DiscordTip" ] - Withdraw your satoshi to your address or DiscordTip.

Discordtip treshold = 5000 Address treshold = 0.0001 btc [ 10.000 Satoshi ] :warning: The withdraw option is only avaible in this server! :warning:

Information / Support

Information about our faucet: This [reformed] faucet has been created on 10/09/2019. One of our previous faucets ( LACCS FAUCET BTC ) from almost 6 months ago got reformed to this fully automatic faucet. There are NO CAPTCHAS and no annoying bullsh#t!

Support: Contact the creator ! Laccs#6969

Warning: Most of the special commands are only in the main server! Such as: Mining command ( Mine bitcoins) Offerwall, USD Faucet, Faucet Bot Creator etc etc