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Powerful Multipurpose Radio Music Bot for Discord. High Quality Music Radio, Moderation, Custom Reaction, And much More!

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Why Laffey?

Laffey is a multipurpose discord bot such as Custom Reaction, Moderation and the best one is Laffey have a 24/7 music radio with a lot of stations available! Laffey got restarted and the music stopped? Once you put Laffey on a voice channel, She will automatically joining your voice channel when she’s done restarting! What are you waiting for? Just invite Laffey and enjoy the feature that much more will come!


Server management such as mentioning a role or managing server member nickname.

Custom Reaction

Automatically responding to what you type and send the triggers.


Keep your server clean with anti links or anti invites.


Show statistics about me or how much my command was used in your server.


Keep your server clean! you can kick or ban the user who break the rule!


Play a music radio on spesific station! want to add your radio station? join my support server now.


Another features such as translating, viewing azurlane characters, looking for a hex from a spesific color and much more…

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