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Created by: aesthetical#2545
Short link: discord.ly/lavaboat
A music bot which uses lavalink to suit your music needs, and is being developed constantly!
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Why should I invite lavaboat to my server?

Lavaboat is a new music bot that can play tracks from both YouTube and SoundCloud. It has features coming, such as:

  • DJ Roles
  • Custom Prefix and Music logs
  • Automatic server region changing (for better music performance)

It can currently:

  • Play Music
  • Multiple music commands (skip, loop, volume, remove, queue, now playing, and much more!)
  • Give you information on someone’s Spotify status. (Eg: what song they are listening to, artists)

Don’t like any of these features? We have a GitHub page where you can make requests for changes! You may also contribute, and get credit in the bots upcoming credits command!