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A music bot which uses lavalink to suit your music needs, and is being developed constantly!
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Why should I invite lavaboat to my server?

Lavaboat is a new music bot that can play tracks from both YouTube and SoundCloud. It has features coming, such as:

  • DJ Roles
  • Custom Prefix and Music logs
  • Automatic server region changing (for better music performance)

It can currently:

  • Play Music
  • Multiple music commands (skip, loop, volume, remove, queue, now playing, and much more!)
  • Give you information on someone’s Spotify status. (Eg: what song they are listening to, artists)

Don’t like any of these features? We have a GitHub page where you can make requests for changes! You may also contribute, and get credit in the bots upcoming credits command!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.