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Prefix: L. (or) l.
Created by: ZERO#5175
Short link: discord.ly/lawliet-kun
A Simple Bot yet a Powerful Bot for all of your needs!. /Anime /Music /Moderation /K-Pop /Mini Games and many more!!
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"Motivation ? Sorry, I don’t have Any" - Lawliet

Once a L Fan, Always a L Fan πŸ•ΆοΈ

A Simple Bot yet powerful enough for most of the daily Interactions you do with your friends in your server.

  • This bot has more than 100 commands in total with most of them for the interaction between users in the server πŸŽ‰

  • Its hard to express your emotions and feelings using texts but with this bot you can express it better.

  • It has a separate section for fun commands which includes some K-pop Exclusives like Gifs for every BTS Member. For more use L.help.

  • If you are a true Death Note Fan there are commands that displays random gifs of L, Kira and Ryuk which is personally handpicked by me (A Lawliet fan) 😍

  • And there are some fun Lawliet exclusive replies to the user saying things like L is dead, L is alive, L is gay, L is stupid.etc… Be sure to find those out πŸ˜‹

  • There is a Sword Art Online Exclusive Command which has around 100 gifs to display. Use(L.sao or l.sao) 🌝

  • There are tons of Anime Exlusives or English Series Exclusive Commands in this bot. Be sure to check em All!! 😁

  • Want some Daily Motivation ? You have it here from 100 Quotes u will get a random motivational quote to inspire you. (Use L.motiv or l.motiv) πŸ”₯

  • There is Rock Paper Scissors game in this bot. You can play Rock Paper Scissors game with this bot. Lets See who wins the Battle of Rock Paper Scissors πŸ•ΆοΈ

  • Worried about Spamming ? This bot has a Cooldown Timer which is 8 Seconds for Normal Commands and for K-Pop its 30 Seconds. No need to worry about spamming anymore πŸ˜†

Lawliet-Kun now features Music Commands and Simple Moderation Commands!!

Bored ? Wanna Play Some Music ? Lawliet-Kun can do it now!!. Play your Favorite Song or Even a Playlist from Youtube!! Listening to Songs Alone ? Join your Friends with you and Listen to Songs TOGETHER!!! Use L.help (or) l.help to view All the Music Commands!!
As for Moderation Commands Kick, Ban and Prune are Added!! Have fun Ruling the Server >w<

I’m updating this bot daily so, expect some cool features in the Future !! Coming Soon!!

If you experience any issues with the bot of the Commands, Please feel free to DM me in Discord.

Want to add you Favorite Own Command ? DM me your Command and and how it should be like with Proper Description. I will add it if its appropriate 😜


Thanks For Using Lawliet-Kun