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This bot is a multi-purpose bot that can kick, ban, give roles, show basketball scores, make giveaways, warn, and many more!!!


This bot can kick, ban, give roles, play music, and many more!!

This bot is just BETA It is created by the Legends. We have finally made a support server!!!

What does this bot do? πŸ€”


1.) kick people
2.) ban people
3.) give roles
5.) shows they’re avatar
6.) play music
7.) mute people
8.) deafen people
9.) a clear command
10.) set prefix for that server
11.) meme command
12.) joke command
14.) 8 ball command
15.) Basketball Command
16.) Uno Command
17.) Blackjack Command
158) and many more (to find out what add this bot and type /help)

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