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Created by: ala89#6580
Short link: discord.ly/linktube
Link'Tube gives YouTuber roles to your members without you needing to verify their subs. Configure your own sub thresholds and roles!

Link’Tube allows you to hand out Youtuber roles to your members according to their subs without you needing to manually verify their channel. It’s faster and more reliable!

Everything can be customized:
Roles and their designated subs threshold

Language (currently available in English and French)

Whether or not to stack roles

Whether or not to give roles automatically when a member joins

A role that may manage other people’s linking

A role that will be ignored by the bot

Your members can link their account within a few seconds with a command! Their roles will also be updated automatically as their channel grows. I’ve put much effort into making this bot user-friendly and nicely designed, but if you have any questions, our support server is there for you. I hope I convinced you to save up time by using Link’Tube, but if not, just give it a try ¯\_(ツ)_/¯